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1. Can I play without logging in?
Yes, you can play as many times as you want without logging in. --> Click here to play
2. Do I score if I play without logging in?
If you answer correctly one question, you won't get any active points. But if you answer a question wrongly, the owner of that question will get 5 passive points.
3. How many times can I play logging in?
As many as you want as long as there are questions left.
4. How many questions can I add?
As many as you want.
5. What kind of questions can I add?
Any kind of question as long as it is in English and the correct answer can be proved.

Newest Questions added
Topic Question
Computers & Internet What is the meaning of CPU?
Literature What is the name of W. Shakespeare's wife?
Sports Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?
Geography Ko Samet is a ......
Science Brass gets discoloured in air because of the presence of which of the following gases in air?
Sports What ball sport plays with a black and white ball?
Other Which one of the following mushrooms is poisonous?
Geography In which country is the city called 'Kailsz'?
Other An hypothesis:
Science How many protons have the nucleon of 12C

  Active Points Passive Points
Answer correctly 1 question 1  
Another player answers wrongly one of your questions   5
Answer the 5 questions correctly 20  
Leave a question blank - -

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