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Level Test Upper Intermediate B2

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  • A. Choose the correct word order


    • A. is American her husband second?

    • B. American is her husband second?

    • C. is her second husband American?

    • D. husband is American her second?


    • A. he dances beautifully the Waltz

    • B. he dances the Waltz beautifully

    • C. he Waltz beautifully the dances

    • D. beautifully he dances the Waltz


    • A. about what is the movie?

    • B. what about is the movie?

    • C. is the movie about what?

    • D. what is the movie about?


    • A. nobody was injured seriously in the accident

    • B. seriously nobody was injured in the accident

    • C. injured nobody was seriously in the accident

    • D. in the accident was nobody injured seriously


    • A. what mean does 'Glitterati'?

    • B. what 'Glitterati' does mean?

    • C. what does 'Glitterati' mean?

    • D. 'Glitterati' what does mean?


    • A. I like very much this restaurant

    • B. I like this restaurant very much

    • C. very much I like this restaurant

    • D. this restaurant I very much like


    • A. almost he missed the flight

    • B. he missed the flight almost

    • C. he missed almost the flight

    • D. he almost missed the flight


    • A. he has lost his keys probably

    • B. his keys probably he has lost

    • C. probably he has lost his keys

    • D. he has probably lost his keys


    • A. even he didn't say goodbye

    • B. he didn't even say goodbye

    • C. he didn't say goodbye even

    • D. he even didn't say goodbye


    • A. how many cigarettes do usually you smoke a day?

    • B. how many cigarettes do you usually smoke a day?

    • C. usually how many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

    • D. how many cigarettes do you smoke usually a day?

  • B. Confusing words

    1. I have ...... him since I was a little girl

    • A. met

    • B. known

    2. He ...... us that he would be here later

    • A. told

    • B. said

    3. We met when we were ...... an exam

    • A. making

    • B. doing

    4. It doesn't ...... if we arrive a bit late

    • A. matter

    • B. mind

    5. They ...... a lot of money on the lottery

    • A. earned

    • B. won

    6. Do you see the guy ...... the dark glasses?

    • A. carrying

    • B. wearing

    7. ...... me to take an umbrella when I leave

    • A. Remind

    • B. Remember

    8. I suddenly ...... that she was wearing my jacket

    • A. realized

    • B. noticed

    9. He spends all his time ...... me, because he owes me money

    • A. avoiding

    • B. preventing

    10. We are ...... some visitors this weekend

    • A. waiting

    • B. expecting