A. Idiomatic Phrases
B. Now for some others ....
C. Similes

D. Identify the correct meaning ....
1. insipid    
2. expel    
3. inconsiderate    
4. stingy    
5. rebuke    
6. cruise    
7. extol    
8. recess    
9. cradle    
10. stockpile        
11. rebate    
12. reluctant    
13. stink    
14. craving    
15. incompatible    
16. exempt    
17. expire    
18. crucial    
19. stilton    
20. reimburse    
21. indict    
22. exclude    
a. bed for baby
b. strong desire for something
c. returned taxes
d. to dismiss officially, from an institution
e. famous cheese
f. cannot exist together, because of differences
g. not very happy about doing something
h. no taste, no style
i. ungenerous
j. to leave out
k. out of date
l. desinterest in their behaviour towards others
m. praise very high
n. to pay someone for money they have spent
o. pleasure journey on boat
p. acquire large quantities of something for future use
q. formally charge someone with breaking the law
r. to speak severly to someone
s. holiday for Parliament
t. nasty smell
u. very important
v. free from a duty or service

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