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Level Test Upper Advanced C2

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  • A. Choose the correct option


    • A. I think the show is about starting now

    • B. I think the show is about in start now

    • C. I think the show is about to start now


    • A. You would have heard the news yet

    • B. You won't have heard the news yet

    • C. You will have heard the news yet

    3. What do you think...

    • A. you'll do

    • B. you'll be doing

    • C. you are doing

    ... ten years from now?


    • A. That's a small Victorian round wooden table

    • B. That's a Victorian small round wooden table

    • C. That's a Victorian round wooden small table


    • A. I was going to call you

    • B. I was thinking of call you

    • C. I was calling you

    ... but then I forgot


    • A. At the time

    • B. In time

    • C. By the time

    ... I got to the airport, the plane had left


    • A. Bicycles are widely used in Amsterdam

    • B. Bicycles use widely in Amsterdam

    • C. Bicycles are in use widely in Amsterdam


    • A. The children were looking after by my mother

    • B. The children looked after by my mother

    • C. The children were being looked after by my mother


    • A. I've just been done at the hairdressers

    • B. I've just cut my hair at the hairdressers

    • C. I've just been to the hairdressers

    ... what do you think?


    • A. Sarah got her handbag snatched

    • B. Sarah had her handbag snatched

    • C. Sarah's handbag had snatched

    11. If I had known you were coming...

    • A. I have bought a cake

    • B. I would have bought a cake

    • C. I will buy a cake


    • A. That letter should have arrived by now

    • B. That letter should to have arrived by now

    • C. That letter must be arrived by now


    • A. I think you might have told me!

    • B. I think you might tell me!

    • C. I think you might to have told me!


    • A. At any time, was I informed

    • B. At no time, was I informed

    • C. At no time was informed I


    • A. It's just not worth to get involved

    • B. It's just not worth getting involved

    • C. It's just not worth to involve myself

  • B. Fill in the missing verb below to complete the verbal expressions

    • 1. To a party
    • 2. To one's suffering
    • 3. To time
    • 4. To a grudge
    • 5. To a hard bargain
    • 6. To heart
    • 7. To suit
    • 8. To music
    • 9. To a tooth
    • 10. To one's thoughts
    • 11. To a taste
    • 12. To the books
  • C. Replace the word in the sentence with a suitable phrasal verb

    • 1. We can't meet you for dinner -Michael has with a terrible case of flu! (become ill)
    • 2. We love the new house, but it is going to cost a lot of money to .(refurbish, decorate)
    • 3. I hate cats. They my terrible allergies. (cause)
    • 4. Because of the terrible flooding, they have decided to their trip to India. (postpone)
    • 5. In all the hotels where I have stayed in America, they floor number 13. They are very superstitious. (omit)
    • 6. He is working so hard! But I think it will be impossible for him to the pace. (maintain)
    • 7. I haven't seen you in so long! We have to a date for lunch! (arrange)
    • 8. The car was a total after the accident, but luckily nobody was hurt. (destroyed)
    • 9. Elizabeth, I really don't want to with you about over this! (have an argument)
    • 10. So when do the children for Christmas? (close for the holidays)
    keep up
    leave out
    come down
    do up
    bring on
    put off
    break up
    fix up
    fall out
    write off