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Level Test Lower Advanced C1

Please choose one option for each question then click Test Result to obtain your result and level (33 questions)

  • A. Choose the correct option

    1. All my life...

    • A. I loved going to the movies

    • B. I have loved to go to the movies

    • C. I've loved going to the movies

    2. There you are!

    • A. I have waited for ages

    • B. I have been waiting for ages

    • C. I waited for ages

    3. He's had his car...

    • A. when he passed his driving test

    • B. since he passed his driving test

    • C. as he passed his driving test

    4. I don't think Tokyo...

    • A. is as dangerous like London

    • B. is so dangerous as London

    • C. is as dangerous as London


    • A. He looks just as his father

    • B. He looks just like his father

    • C. He looks just after his father


    • A. Your birthday's next month, isn't it?

    • B. Your birthday will be next month, won't it?

    • C. Your birthday is going to be next month, isn't it?


    • A. The doctor said it was nothing to worry about

    • B. The doctor said its nothing. Don't worry

    • C. The doctor said it isn't something to worry about


    • A. I can't imagine why he said that

    • B. I might imagine why he said that

    • C. I don't imagine why he said that


    • A. The painting sold for three thousand euros

    • B. The painting was sold for three thousand euros

    • C. The painting was being sold for three thousand euros

    10. I have never been...

    • A. such embarrassed

    • B. so embarrassed

    • C. such an embarrassed

    ... in all my life!


    • A. Had spoken to

    • B. Having spoken to

    • C. Speaking to

    ... Richard, it seems he finally made his decision

  • B. Fill in the appropriate verb to form the expression

    • 1. To an opinion.
    • 2. To allowances.
    • 3. To precautions.
    • 4. To time.
    • 5. To a tooth.
    • 6. To between the lines.
    • 7. To a leg.
    • 8. To truant.
    • 9. To a vacancy.
    • 10. To the table.
    • 11. To a company.
    • 12. To house.
  • C. Choose the appropriate Preposition

    • 1. It was really nice you to invite me.

    • 2. The house has been the market for a while.

    • 3. I'm not very good maths.

    • 4. You are no obligation to go.

    • 5. He is charge of the whole department.

    • 6. Robert is an authority English literature.

    • 7. You must be responsible your decisions.

    • 8. I'm very concerned his smoking.

    • 9. Could you deal this problem later, please?

    • 10. I want to protest the state of the building.

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